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Interview of Dr. Ka-Kit Hui on Integrative Medicine at Stanford University

“There is this notion that [integrative medicine] is outside of our mainstream biomedical model and that there is not enough time to even teach what we need to teach. But really it depends on how we define good medicine.” This interview was conducted by the Center of Excellence at Stanford University with Pfeiffer Visiting Scholar, Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP.

With a career spanning four decades at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, Dr. Ka-Kit Hui shares his background and thoughts on how he views integrative medicine, which does not focus on different modalities but rather goes back to the basics of looking at the person in their environment and using healing traditions that work to re-regulate and replete the body’s own system. He emphasizes the importance of having a flexible health model to help patients at different stages of their journey and building a trusting and caring patient-provider relationship. Dr. Hui also briefly addresses medical education and how to have a more comprehensive approach towards patient-centered medicine to optimize the healthcare system. With these insights, Dr. Hui provides us with a new perspective of looking at a patient in a systemic way, as well as a new way of interpreting the information that will benefit individuals and populations.

Click here for the interview link.

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