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Promoting Health Through Qi Gong on the LA Metro

Ann Kaneko, Los Angeles artist and film maker, uses a Metro bus video project to show how the simple practices of Qi Gong can help increase circulation, mobility, and energy.


annkaneko.qigong2Ann Kaneko, a Los Angeles artist and film maker, recently created a series of videos on a Metro bus designed to promote health for bus riders, demonstrating qigong techniques that get encourage bus riders to "Keep the energy flowing." Her videos aimed to show bus riders that qigong encompasses simple movements and stretches that are positive and fun for everyone rather than a "New Age" or old-fashioned practice.

Kaneko's video is also a reminder of how mind-body practices like qigong are equal-opportunity practices that even elderly, weak, or disabled people can do, and that everyone can reap the benefits of increased circulation, mobility, and energy. 


Watch Kaneko's videos titled "Stiff" and "Sluggish" below.



To read the full article on Zócalo Public Square, click here.



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