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A New Way to Understand Healing

Dr. Mihaela Taylor is a U.S.-trained rheumatologist practicing at UCLA. Intrigued by her first exposure to traditional Chinese medicine and inspired by what she experienced and learned, she has taken on more in-depth study and regularly refers patients to the Center for East-West Medicine for consultation and treatment.


Mihaela Taylor: About three years ago, at the Grand Rounds of the Department of Rheumatology, Dr. Hui and Dr. Lawrence Taw gave us a little introduction about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. For me, it was very inspiring and eye-opening. I started referring patients to the Center after this, particularly, the difficult cases that Western medicine was failing. I was very surprised to see that the patients were getting better. Coming from Romania to United States, it was a cultural shock, and I was not aware of the impact of this change until I came to the Center. I realized that I was trained with the idea that every person is different. We should be also healers, not just applying guidelines in treating an individual. I tried to get more insights into traditional Chinese medicine. This will change not only the way I practice medicine, but the way I live and the way I interact with people. I’m very grateful that this happened to me and I always believe that things happen for a reason. And this is a wonderful experience.

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