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UCLA Undergraduate: Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM)

SIM (formerly NCAM) is a student organization at UCLA that fosters interest in health, wellness, and an evidence-based, integrative, and whole-person approach to medicine.

SIM logo final copyOur Philosophy:

Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM, formerly NCAM) is a student group at UCLA that strives to raise student awareness for evidence-based, integrative, and whole-person approaches to medicine and health. SIM encourages students to become aware of our current medical system, methods of self-care, and healing ideologies, and to learn from those across cultures. We also provide a forum to learn, experience, share and explore topics in nutrition, Integrative Medicine (IM), and wellness. We aim to build a community of students interested in these topics and to connect this community with networks of professionals in their respective fields. The healthcare paradigm we support is one which is characterized not only by the elimination of disease, but by interprofessionalism, health promotion, prevention, and person-oriented care.


The goals of SIM:

1. To foster a community of students who are interested in nutrition, IM, and wellness
2. To provide an interactive forum for learning about and exploring practices in nutrition, IM, and wellness
3. To promote and share ways to maintain health
4. To spread awareness & understanding of the different concepts, evidence-bases, and cultural perspectives in the fields of nutrition, IM, and wellness
5. To invite professionals from various areas of nutrition, IM, and wellness to share their expertise and experiences, and to provide students opportunities to interact with them.
6. To introduce educational, research, clinical, and career opportunities in the fields of nutrition, IM, and wellness
7. To help students hone their skills in leadership, teamwork, event planning, interviewing, and more


For UCLA students: Our activities include guest lectures, self-care and cooking workshops, an Integrative Medicine Conference, high school outreach promoting IM, acupuncture shadowing at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and networking with the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM) and Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine (CCIM).

If you would like more information, please visit our website and join us at any of our upcoming events. You can also check out our SIM Facebook page.


SIM is sponsored by:

StudyPool, a Business & Finance Homework Help Platform

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