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David Mercier, LAc on Inclusion of Licensed Acupuncturists in Medicare

March 22, 2013

David Mercier, LAc of Shore Health Center for Integrative Medicine and John Weeks of The Integrator Blog offer their insights on the significance of including licensed acupuncturists in Medicare.

In February 2013, licensed acupuncturists in the United States successfully generated 27,769+ signatures on a petition to the White House. The goal of the petition was to include their practice as healthcare providers under the Social Security Act, giving acupuncturists access to Medicare reimbursement.

Author and Shore Health Integrative Center Founder David Mercier, LAc, wrote an submission to The Integrator Blog regarding the implications of the petition for the future of acupuncture and Integrative Medicine in America. While Mercier sees the conceptual value to increasing care for millions of elderly patients, he also raises the question of whether there has been a projection of the work, time, and reimbursement an acupuncturist might expect to encounter under Medicare.

John Weeks sent Integrator support for the campaign’s conceptual value, but also commented that with the complications associated with the third-party payment of Medicare. This operating concept would be to give those outside the system the choice to accept Medicare or not.


To view the full article on The Integrator Blog, click here.

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