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Cleveland Clinic Uses Chinese Herbs as Prescribed Medicine

May 2, 2014

Cleveland Clinic uses Chinese herbal medicine to treat patients with conditions that Western medicine is not able to address.

In January 2014, the Cleveland Clinic became the first of its kind to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine while affiliated with a Western hospital. The clinic does not take walk-ins and primarily sees patients with conditions that Western medicine has, for whatever reason, failed to remedy, such as chronic pain, fatigue, poor digestion, infertility, and sleep disorders. The clinic requires herbalists and physicians to have joint access to patients’ electronic medical records so that they can work together to prevent any potential dangerous herb-drug interactions. Lora Basch, a patient at the clinic who was uncomfortable with the side effects of drugs, tried acupuncture and magnesium supplements to treat her poor sleep and anxiety with minimal success. Taking a different route altogether, she has found herbal medicine to be a “huge relief,” allowing her to finally fall asleep at night and have more energy during the day.

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