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Munchin' in the USA: Making Wise Nutrition Choices

For most Americans, a balanced diet is rarely a priority and bad food choices are all around. These students helps us avoid some of the most common dietary mistakes in modern America.

Western and Eastern approaches to health and nutrition are profoundly different; the Western approach to nutrition focuses on balancing the types of nutrients found in our food and is therefore mainly based on scientific concepts. In contrast, the traditional Chinese approach utilizes the theory of the yin and yang in the balance of the foods we consume. Despite the difference, it is possible to combine both ideas as one, unifying the concepts of both in our everyday lives. In this video is presented a simple way of balancing the yin and yang in the food we eat. A nutritious sandwich can incorporate the theory behind balancing the yin and yang, thereby taking on an integrative approach in eating healthy.


This video is a student multimedia project completed for Medicine 180: Introduction to East-West Medicine, an integrative medicine course offered in the summer. For more information about this course or to enroll, click here to go to the course page on the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine website.

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