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Integrative East-West Nutrition

Acknowledging the dangers of fad diets, this group of students helps us learn about nutrition and maintaining a balanced, integrative diet.

This video aims to educate the viewers on both the Eastern and Western aspects of a healthy diet. The main character is a college student trying to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. Once suggested to see health professionals by a friend, she is educated on nutrition and a healthy diet. Dr. West represents the Western viewpoint on maintaining good eating habits. Dr. West's main argument is to balance the calories you eat and burn throughout your day. She also suggests consuming minerals and proteins daily. The Eastern perspective on nutrition is represented by Dr. House. Dr. House's suggestions include eating foods based on the yin and yang approach as well as consuming fruits by season in order to maintain homeostasis of the body. After her consultation with both doctors, the student agrees to balance her diet based on both the Eastern and Western perspectives on nutrition.


This video is a student multimedia project completed for Medicine 180: Introduction to East-West Medicine, an integrative medicine course offered in the summer. For more information about this course or to enroll, click here to go to the course page on the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine website.

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