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News related to the treatment of COVID-19 using TCM

Local and International News media related to TCM and COVID-19



  • To fight the coronavirus, some patients turn to alternative medicine. published on Los Angeles Times (4/17/2020)
    Since there is yet to be a cure for COVID-19, China and India are advising their residents to use traditional medicine and herbal treatments to prevent conditions from worsening. However, public health officials are criticizing their claims due to the lack of scientific evidence.


  • China backs unproven treatments for covid-19. published on The Economist (4/11/2020)
    China’s government claims that TCM is more than a palliative or placebo. A senior official announced 90% of coronavirus patients who received traditional therapies had been effective nearly 100% of the time.




  • How to treat COVID-19 with TCM. published on China Daily (4/4/2020)
    This article provides a brief introduction of how TCM theory explains COVID-19, introduces the key experts who are fighting the pandemic in China, provides an overview of the East-West integrated treatments and discusses the efficacy of treating COVID-19 with TCM.



  • Exploring the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine against COVID-19. published on Elsevier (3/18/2020)
    A Chinese respiratory specialist, Zhong Nanshan, said that an herbal prescription called “Pneumonia No.1” has shown to be effective in clinical trials. In a systematic review, authors concluded a Chinese herbal formula to be a possible alternative approach for preventing COVID-19.

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