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    Stressed? It May Take a Toll on Your Teeth: Explore an Integrative Approach to Managing Bruxism

    In this article, we provide some suggested exercises for stretching the jaw muscles and reducing tension in the jaw and also, some further resources to explore to learn more about the impact of stress on oral health.

  • Breakfast

    Combating Stressful Eating with Mindfulness

    Mindful eating involves developing a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food by experiencing the pleasure of food and being fully present during meals. This article explores how this practice can be used to reduce stress and to improve digestive health and eating behaviors.

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    Defining Stress

    What is stress? Moreover, what are the causes of stress and the long-term consequences on our health? This article explores the topic of stress in-depth and provides a means of viewing stress from an Integrative East-West perspective.

  • GI

    Treating Gastrointestinal Problems through an East-West Approach

    With the current prevalence of gastrointestinal problems and increasing demand for cost-effective means of treating digestive diseases, the UCLA Integrative East-West Esophageal Disorders Program embraces a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and innovative system that emphasizes individualized treatment and patient education for healthy living and the development or restoration of a well functioning gastrointestinal system.

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    Acupuncture is an “Essential Health Benefit” in California for 2014

    Breaking news: Acupuncture will be considered an “essential health benefit” in California and will be covered by individual and small group health plans starting in 2014.

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