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Using Chinese Medicine’s Approach to Educate Individuals and Influence Their Behavior

January 23, 2012

Dr. Ka-Kit Hui, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, talks at the Pacific Health Forum, October 15, 2007, Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing.

“In the media capital of the world, I have been working on integration of Chinese and western medicine for the last 36 years. And the last 13 years I have been thinking about how to put the two systems together and apply it to a place like UCLA. We’re kind of being helping many patients who failed western medicine. We tried to incorporate Chinese medicine into our health paradigm in terms of solving the problem in a safe, effective and affordable manner.

So all types of technologies I use in our education, in our care, in our research, just to give you an example: we use function MRI and PET-scan to try to diagnosis patients early on before their diseases become evident. We use internet to teach our students. We consult with media company including like Gray’s Anatomy with a spin off of chiropractic. We integrated east-west concept into the stories. So that we use that technology to influence behavior.

This morning we already talked about using system’s biology, the new technology for diagnostics. I think it will take sometimes to get into the therapeutics. What I wanted to talk about is to emphasize the low-tech aspects of Chinese medicine.

I really think that we are facing the healthcare crisis of enormous proportion. The healthcare system around the world, according to Price Water House Cooper, by 2015 many of the healthcare systems are unsustainable based on the current model. I feel like this is really an urgent situation for us really quickly try to understand Chinese medicine closed in one language to try to figure out a better way to incorporate and blend the two systems to disseminate this model.

So I am thinking about on one hand discover and the other hand to disseminate with new technology. This is based on our experience over the last 13 years caring for thousands of patients at UCLA. We have been safely incorporating Chinese medicine in solving problem. Because we have developed a person-center, patient-center health model that allowed us to use this approach and system approach, looking at a person as a system in terms of interaction with natural and social environment. And in what way through our help and through educating our patients and family in sense of how we can solve the patient’s health problem.

What we have observed is that we are not using the magic bullet approach. We are working on re-establishing stability and depth to internal and external stresses. Even though they have a presenting complain disease, by virtual approach there are other conditions that concomitant, because places are very complex. Because you are dealing with the aging society, many patients have many problems: they are going to get many drugs, many treatments, many technology approaches to diagnose it. This is socially and economically unsustainable.

I believe that we should work on other approaches and would like to further collaborate with many of our colleagues in china and around the world to develop further this paradigm and to figure out a better way to disseminate through educational projects.”

Dr. Ka-Kit Hui is a UCLA Professor and Director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

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